Terms and Conditions Submission


Terms and Conditions Submission


  • Please attach the filled submission form for each collector’s submission to make the easier process of submission. The submission form will be signed by both parties as the agreement of certain collectible items submitted to us.  
  • The risk of loss in the delivery process of submitted collectible items to us is not covered. We assist collectors to ensure the safety and delivery process to CCG graders only, not including the submission process from each collector to us. Each submission of collectible items includes the maximum value, which will be our guidance to return a certain value for each collectible item of the collector.
  • We do not provide the guarantee that the collectible items you submit will be graded by CCG graders. We cannot evaluate the collectible item’s authenticity, which it will be evaluated by the related CCG grader. You will be charged by certain fee if CCG graders cannot confirm the collectible item’s authenticity, which will be issued the “questionable authenticity” label for the related collectible item.
  • We do not provide a guarantee of a certain score received by collectors for each collectible item submitted to us. The score was issued by CCG graders based on certain conditions as the determination. Please check each CCG subsidiary to get a better insight related to how graders will evaluate your collectible items.

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