Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the submission process for grading purposes?

You can do the submission through on-site submission or deliver your collectible items to our office address. Please ensure that you do the confirmation of on-site submission or delivery by us through our social media platform. We will provide the application form that needs to be filled out before your visitation or delivery completion to prove the completeness of collectible items.

  • Who are graders of my collectible items?

The grader of collectible items comes from CCG team. As the Indonesia official submission center, we received the trust from CCG to ensure the collector’s items are handled well until it received and be graded by CCG graders. The grading process can be taken from US and China.

  • How long the grading process of my collectible items?

The duration of the grading process can be varied, depending on the CCG graduator. It usually takes a longer duration for vintage collectible items. The estimated duration is between 2 and 4 months.

  • How much the cost of my grading process?

The fee of the grading process can be varied, depending on the grading category of each collectible item you graded. Please refer to our grading price list by visiting the “grading services” section.

  • How much the shipping cost of my collectible items to the CCG grader?

Your collectible items can be sent via postal service.

When packing your collectible items, please make sure you pack them securely in a box with enough packing material so they will not move. Before you close the box, give it a little shake to make sure the contents don’t move; if it moves, add more wrapping material. Place a box inside another box to fully protect it. Double-check whether the packing material is sufficient so that the package is secure and there is no wiggle room. Write the address on the package and affix the appropriate label from the post office on the box. Please do not indicate package contents outside the box.

In the case of very large or valuable collections, it is possible to use a similar transportation service with one of our representatives to collect collectible items directly from your home or bank and transport them to our safe. Remember to check with the consignment director before sending your collection. If you have additional questions about shipping your item, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help clarify any questions you may have or help you set up the special settings needed for your collection.

  • How I can do the payment for my grading?

We accept the bank transfer for the grading and purchase payment.

  • Is my personal information safe?

We ensure the safety of collector’s personal information and never, for any reason, sell or provide your details to a Third Party.

  • What is my collectible items value?

We can provide the estimated value of the graded collectible items that were submitted to us. Please inform your collectible items to our office or our next event attendance, which can you check from the “Upcoming Event” section.

  • How to know the authenticity of my collectible items?

We cannot ensure the authenticity of your collectible items. Since it involves in collection segment, you will face the risk of collectible items replication. To protect yourself, you should only buy coins or currency from trusted merchants, and buy coins or currency that have been certified by a third-party grading company such as PMG, NGC, ASG, and CGC. You should also increase your knowledge of what to look for when trying to determine the authenticity of collectible items.

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